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Terms and conditions

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Important notes and remarks

The process:


We will have a one on one session to achieve a stunning portrait of you! The session may take up to one and a half hour, in said time we will take pictures, review and make selects. So keeping the looks to a maximum of 2 is encourage to optimize time. Quality over quantity!


We will take a few test shots at the beginning to get familiar with the facial structure and what light suits better the mood we are looking for, we will discuss the process, the feeling and tone to build up a great portrait of you.


The unedited shots are available for review as we go, so we can make selects, and online in the next 48 hours if you haven't make up your mind on which portraits you would like retouched.


You can select up to 3 images you want to have retouched.  Additional retouched images are available for on extra fee of  $75 and subject to the availability. (I Might get book on a week long job, so well have to have a chat about it)


Retouches are grounded and based on reality, my style is not overly photoshopped, is naturalistic and staying true of the persona you are. 


You receive the retouched images within 10 working days from the day you send me your choices.


The retouched images are good to print and to submit to Backstage/Actors Access/IMDb/Deadline.


The formalities:


A deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking. The deposit goes towards the price of the session. This is a non refundable fee to help ensure clients will show up. I want to work with  professionals that take their time and my time  seriously, and the retainer motivates that mutual respect.


A cancelation within 72 hours will render in the forfeit of the deposit, a 1 time reschedule is possible within a week's clear notice, no less than 5 days. only 1 reschedule is allowed , after two failed attempts to make the appointment the deposit is forfeited and you may loose the right to book a session again.


The session takes place in my home studio, this a residencial building so civilized and courteous behavior is expected. Failure to behave accordingly to social and professional manner  can render in the cancelation of the session and the forfeit of your deposit. As the right to serve is reserved.


Final payment is expected at the end of the session.


Communication is key for a successful session.


All the information here provided is non negotiable and by scheduling you are accept the terms and conditions of this booking.

Stuidio picture.jpg
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